Vintage Batman 1966 Topps Cards-Black Bat Orange Back Set

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Complete-Vintage Batman 1966 Topps Cards-Black Bat Set
This complete set of 55 vintage Batman trading cards from 1966 showcases the fantastic illustrated art of Norman Saunders on every card and a short narrative on the reverse. The front of the cards display the subject's name in a black bat logo, and the reverse side is orange. The overall set in in very good condition
The cards are marked on the back bottom edge with Copyright 1966 National Periodical Publications, Inc.  and have T.C.G. PRTD IN U.S.A. printed on the back left side.

This full set includes the following cards:
1 The Batman 2 Robin - Boy Wonder 3 The Bat Signal 4 Midnight Conference 5 Rooftop Vigil 6 Chloroform Victim 7 Grim Realization 8 Into the Batmobile 9 Face of the Joker 10 Crime Czar 11 Poison Pellet 12 Batman Strikes! 13 The Joker in Jail 14 Nightly Patrol 15 Batman in Action 16 The Penguin's Trap 17 Spikes of Death 18 Robin in Action 19 Fiery Encounter 20 Robin to the Rescue 21 Narrow Escape 22 Double-Cross 23 Umbrella Duel 24 Penguin Captured 25 The Cat Woman 26 Queen of Crime 27 Sinister Smile 28 "Let's Go!" 29 Robin Is Kidnapped 30 Fighting Back 31 Threat of the Cat Woman 32 Bat-a-Rang Bulls-Eye 33 The Enemies Clash 34 Deadly Claws 35 Cat Woman Defeated 36 The Riddler 37 A Trap for Batman 38 Robin Rescued 39 "To the Batcave" 40 Following the Clue 41 Time for a Rescue 42 Robin in Peril 43 The Bat-Gasmask 44 Flying Fists 45 Trap for the Riddler 46 The Bat-a-Rang 47 Deadly Robot 48 Monstrous Illusion 49 Decoy 50 Beastly Encounter 51 Flaming Welcome 52 Winged Giant 53 Race against Death 54 Whirlpool 55 Hidden Loot

Note: Card 5 is chipped and has crease marks covering the card's surface, card 13 has a wrinkled corner, card 23 has a bent corner, card 31 has a bent corner, and card 35 has a bent corner. None of the flaws noted above break color.