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While Teen Titans series 1 consisted of reproductions of the original MEGO Teen Titans, series 2 is ENTIRELY comprised of all new figures!  Hawk (Hank Hall), Dove (Don Hall), Robin (Dick Grayson), and Beast Boy! 

The Superhero team Hawk & Dove is made up of bothers Don and Hank Hall.  Agents of Order (Dove) and Chaos (Hawk), Don and Hank are a superhero duo that represent forces that are entirely opposed, but learn to use their strengths and differences effectively as a team.

The easygoing, amiable half of the pair, Don Hall represents Order.  As Dove,  Don has enhanced strength and physical endurance, enhanced senses, and incredible speed.  He is the only thing that can keep his partner Hawk pacified when he gets riled, as he projects an aura of peace and general calm in his demeanor..  These powers have served him well over his short career, which culminated when Don sadly fell during thr first Crisis.  After his passing, the mantle of Dove was passed to a young woman named Dawn Granger, who has some sort of mysterious connection to Don, but has yet to reveal this to her partner Hank.

Features white plastic boots and open fisted gloves, real cloth outfit and Dove's white half-cape. Comes in a resealable plastic clam shell.