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While Teen Titans series 1 consisted of reproductions of the original MEGO Teen Titans, series 2 is ENTIRELY comprised of all new figures!  Hawk (Hank Hall), Dove (Don Hall), Robin (Dick Grayson), and Beast Boy! 

Garfield Logan was contracted a rare and lethal disease, known as Sakutia, while on a scientific expedition in Africa with his scientist parents.  His father, thinking quickly, derived a serum from the genetic material of the West African Green Monkey, the only known animal immune to the disease.  While this saved Gar's life, it had a side effect:  His skin turned the same color green as the monkey's fur, and eventually he realised he could change into a green facsimile of any animal.  After the death of his parents in a boating accident, he entered the foster system for a time before being adopted by Mento and Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol (In their civilian identites of Steve Dayton and Rita Farr, a celebrity power couple.)  Soon after, he joins the team as it's newest recruit:  Beast Boy!  Gar would remain a member until the team was tragically killed.

Seeking a change, Beast Boy changed his name to Changeling and joined the original Teen Titans West, intending to use his powers to help people, and provide some much-needed (though not always appreciated) levity to the team.

Features purple plastic shoes and open fisted gloves, and real cloth facsimile of Beast Boy's classic uniform.  PLEASE NOTE:  BEAST BOY'S MASK IS NOT REMOVABLE! Comes in a resealable plastic clam shell.