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WHY WE LOVE IT: With TAG, comics legend Keith Giffen took the zombie story to the most personal, intimate place ever. Now we present the story again, collected in a fullsize edition for the first time ever! WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: Giffen, Kody Chamberlain (Sweets), and Chee (G.I. Joe: Cobra) give you an intense, psychological horror story. You've read zombie stories but never one like this! All under a new cover by Chamberlain! WHAT IT'S ABOUT: When an everyday man is 'tagged' by a random stranger, he returns home and makes a horrifying discovery-his body is decomposing before his eyes, his flesh is rotting, he's not dying...he's dead. Now, he must make the morally challenging decision to either endure the ancient curse, or pass the plague to another. (W) Keith Giffen (A) Kody Chamberlain, Chee (CA) Kody Chamberlain