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The Black Masque brings to Mixtape Massacre a main adversary, as well as other new enemies, challenges, and of course, more fun.

• Do battle with Death in hopes of diffusing Death cards from over taking the board and ending the game with no winner.
• Draw Challenge cards forcing you to to roll the new Challenge Dice vying for a kill, but sometimes activating other troubles.
• Activate the new 'A-Bit of an Event' cards which can change the rules, add side missions, introduce new enemies, and more for rounds at a time.
• Alternate Rules of Play i.e. using the Challenge Dice during Brawls to defend yourself, or using the Challenge Dice to Resurrect yourself when dead and more.

These components and more are packed into the expansion bringing with it more gameplay, and of course, more horror, gore, and wonderful eighties nostalgia to keep you laughing while you’re slashing.