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In the late 1880's American West, Abbadon is a city steeped in sin, where anything is possible if you have the money, influence and power to obtain it. Poised to become the next boomtown, Abbadon is plagued by a series of murders heralding the arrival of U.S. Marshall Wes Garrett. A legendary lawman, Garrett's arrival exposes the secret that Abbadon's sheriff Colt Dixon has desperately been trying to conceal - the victims have all been mutilated the same way they were by a killer Garret stopped - a man some called a monster, but the papers called him Bloody Bill. Garrett and Dixon join forces to uncover the killer's identity in a town so full of corruption that everyone is a suspect. "(W) Jimmy Palmiotti & Various (A/CA) Fabrizio Fiorentino