INCREDIBLE HULK #207 & #208 MARVEL (1977) GD


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The Incredible Hulk #207 and #208

1977, Marvel Comics

Although Doctor Strange, Valkyrie, Nighthawk and the Red Guardian try calming the Hulk down, Hulk thinks they want to hurt him; In response, Hulk attacks the Defenders; Doctor Strange locks him with the unbreakable Bands of Cyttorak; But the Hulk leaps high and on his way down, crashes onto a building almost destroying it; Strange who is knocked out by the strain and the bands disappear; Hulk leaps away but he's followed by the super heroes group; After a couple of blows, they convince the Hulk that they just want to help him.

Approximate Condition: Good -Good/ Very Good

Len Wein (Story)

Sal Buscema, Joe Staton, and Joe Staton (Artist)

Dave Cockrum and John Romita (Cover)