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Teen Titans 8 Inch Retro Action Figure Series: Silver Age Wonder Girl EC & TAMPA BAY COMIC CON 2017 EXCLUSIVE

Limited Edition of 200!

One of the founding members of the team that would go on to be known as the Teen Titans, Donna Troy debuted in The Brave and the Bold #60 as part of a 'Junior Justice League' alongside Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad.  In previous appearances, Wonder Girl had actually been a time-displaced younger version of Diana herself!  This figure could easily depict either version, if you want to take another step closer to a complete Wonder Family (We still hold out hope for Wonder Tot, ourselves!).

Rescued by Wonder Woman from an apartment fire, Young Donna was discovered to have been tragically orphaned.  Princess Diana decided to bring Donna to Paradise Island, where she could grow strong and wise among her adopted sisters, the Amazons.  Exposure to the Purple Ray later bestowed Amazon powers to Donna, and Wonder Girl was born!

Wonder Girl is packaged in a resealable clamshell featuring a full color art card; and comes with sandals, a golden lasso of her own, and a real cloth outfit. She features realistic hair, and has multiple points of articulation.

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