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Superzero #1 Exclusive Edition - Dialogue & Signature Edition



(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A) Rafael de Latorre (CA) Amanda Conner

With great power comes a bit of insanity, anxiety, and a dash of social alienation! Have you ever fantasized about being a super hero? Well Dru Dragowski does; that's all this nineteen-year-old, comic book obsessed, high school senior thinks about. She needs to escape the normalcy of suburban life! Her plan? To become a real-life superhero by recreating the origins of her favorite comic characters! Hopefully then, she can become a hero not only for herself - but to protect everyone around her! If only that plan went just the slightest bit right... This fun, teen-agnst filled monthly series is created by the sensational writing duo that brings you Harley Quinn and Starfire - Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti.

This limited edition of Superzero is for sale by Emerald City and the crew at as a joint exclusive variant cover.

Only 1,000 copies will exist of the Limited Edition Blank Word Balloon cover, and the Signed Edition and Dialogue & Signature Edition will be a subset of that 1,000 copies.

Each signed edition will include an Emerald City Certificate of Authenticity. 

Each comic will ship bagged and boarded.


Signed by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, and one of them will write whatever you like in the blank word balloon — up to 12 words. This will make a cool gift to just about anyone, and you get to pick what you want them to write (up to 12 words). Insult a friend, wish someone happy holidays, break up with a loved one via a comic book cover, tell someone you love them, or give Amanda and Jimmy the freedom to write whatever THEY like! Just think of the craziness they can add to this cover! This is the first time this kind of cover has ever been offered!  

Write what you want to see in the balloon in the "Shipping Notes" under your shipping address. Include any punctuation and whatever capitalization you want to see.

Please allow for a week for Jimmy and Amanda to personalize your book for you!


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